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This may come as no surprise, but I’m a fan of publicly funded TV. I know at times it can be boring, pretentious and pedantic (and I realize watching it might categorize me as someone with similar descriptors). But in world of 16 and Pregnant – I think it’s needed even if only for the fact of providing a standard for what constitutes knowledgeable-ish TV.

I was watching PBS and they were featuring Dr. Daniel Amen’s diet program, Change your Brain, Change your Body. This guy made some pretty interesting points about knowing your brain/your personality of dieting:

“Your brain is the command and control center for your body, and your brain function is directly related to how your body looks, feels, and functions. If you want to lose the love handles, you have to get better frontal lobes. You want to say goodbye to all those headaches? You have to calm your brain.”

On the program he pretty much slams sugar for having a similar affect to drugs, and claims that adage “everything in moderation” should not apply.

Is he being excessive with his findings? I don’t know anymore. Does he deliver a good pitch? Most absolutely.


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