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My running shorts are from Walmart. They cost 13 dollars. My  shoes are years old purchase from Zellers during my earlier student days. I’m certain they were on a sale, and are quite frankly nothing special – with some indistinguishable knock-off brand name boasting from their sides. My MP3 would be classified as archaic by most standards – with only 1 gig of space and a user interface which is the furtherest thing away from today’s standards of “sleek”, “friendly” and “optimal”.

This is my un-fergielious and utterly-unglamourous gear: It is my battle garment  as a self proclaimed non-athlete.

My body, although slim, is characteristically soft and malleable. It is mine, I like it and I am thankful for it and all it allows me to do. I no longer put it down for not meeting those unattainable standards I imagined I could slave towards. Nor do I self censor photographs on facebook where I think “I could look better.” Although to some these levels of self-acceptance sound trite, for me it is something that I’ve worked towards. But still there is something missing.

Have you ever watched the movie Chariots of Fire? It’s about British runners as they prepare and participate in 1924 Olympic Games. One of the major characters, Eric Liddell, runs with the ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God: Eric states the most memorable quote from the film:

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

I don’t care an iota about losing any more weight, and although looking like an athlete may be nice  – it is not my goal. I want to something that challenges me to rise above the conditions of my body and emotions. I want the endurance that only comes from trying, trying and trying again – and then finally succeeding. Mastering the ability to know that there will be pain, I will endure and in the in the end it will be worth it.

That’s why I’m starting running – yet again.

I know that this is “food blog”. But I felt that it was somewhat related to the grander theme of how we treat our bodies, experience our landscape, and connect to  those around us.

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