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Not eating an immense amount of sugar has allowed me to start delving into experience other sides of my palate. I have ignored  a spectrum of taste for many years for cheap thrill of pleasure that comes from eating something sugary. Mouth, for this I apologize. You deserve better.

At this point in the journey I’m starting to contemplate sugar beyond just the realm of this month, but how it effects me as a whole and how will I reintegrate eating sugar in my life again. Do I plunge back into eating it? (I’m not sure I can or want to) Do I continue with this way of eating? (And will it just become like being a vegetarian, something that you just get used to) Do I make a negotiated schedule? (And be really conscientious – but how much more thinking and negotiation can I do with food before I become a crazy hipster… says the woman with a food blog – le sigh).

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