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The end of May, the reintroduction of sugar and chocolate (as it was done at Brianna’s get together with the dessert Sex-in-Pan… which reminds me of a friend who worked in an old folks’ home and they had that name on the menu and had to change it due to the uproar it inspired. Again more proof of the danger sugar inspires).

What did I learn from this sugar/chocolate hiatus?

1) I can survive without sugar and chocolate for an extended period of time. (I wasn’t actually sure I could physically do this)

2) Sugar is a drug.

3) Not eating sugar will have people stare at you as if you have a problem, and to do so out of free will rather than a medical condition will double the questioning

4) I will tone down the use of sugar from here on out.

5) Le sigh. I’m signing up to do this again next May.


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