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Bought a planter/box thingy/ window-sill- usually-filled-with-flowers-thing for my new little garden:

New Total Cost for Garden thus far: About $13.

Work done: Opening wallet and awkwardly walking about a store with “the thing”

Results: Odd box standing in my room waiting for a more sunny day for “operation-plantation” to commence.


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I am no gardener. I’m not being coy or understating my talents – the reality is that up until now I have really not *done* much gardening. Yes, I like to spend times in gardens and go for walks in nature reserves. But the digging, the grunt work and the weeding was never my scene and was only done once in while (My parents keep a lovely garden though).

So I’m starting small (and very inexpensively). I’m starting with herbs! And I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I promise.

Total Cost for Garden thus far: About $8.

Work done: Opening wallet.

Results: The dream of fresh herbs at my beck and call for cooking purposes.

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What are we to do this summer? Especially since my move back to the countryside? Well I can be a little sad that I’m a bits away from my city friends. And then I’m going to have to find different things to do with new people (You Vancouver and BurQuitlam people are not being replaced, trust me – but twiddling my thumbs won’t do). So what I am to do?

1) Grow a herb garden (this should be interesting)

2) Take up running (Hmm, more details and excruciating pain to follow soon)

What lovely things do you plan to do with our lovely (but far too short) Canadian summer?

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