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My Dad was making his famous lemon Meringue pie. If you have not had his version of this pie – simply put, you have just not had the best pie in the world. I cannot spill too many of famous secrets of this recipe (sorry, familial ties bind me), but I will let you know that he makes it with condensed milk (Sugar-laden milk-creamy paste which South Africans are especially enamored with).

I offered to help him make it for a meeting  my parents were hosting (apparently I’m a sucker for punishment?). Any other month, I would take every opportunity during the baking process to consume this stuff. But due to the pact, I could only smell and visually-covet as I whisked away at the sugary velvet.

Stolen from the interweb, but this pies looks = my dad's pie's taste

I told Claire of this accomplishment: She was amazed at my endurance.

As was I.


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