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Both Claire and I failed our challenge when it came to Mother’s Day dining rituals.

I went with my Mom and Dad to a Posh Tea place, and the only friendly alternative I could find on the menu were mini-scones (which taste as good as they sound cute). So I went for it, because even though real dedication would have me content with a pot of Strawberry Rooibos Tea — I realize that I am starting to become a wee bit of a pain in the arse when it comes to restaurant outings.

I asked the waitress if they had sugar-free jam. She didn’t scoff, but firmly stated “no” with a raised eyebrow. I felt ever so slightly loser-ish.

But Claire and me have decided to get back on the challenge pony. So down with sugar, and down with love.

P.S. Claire is having issues with her wordpress account that is why she is not blogging. She is not a figment of my sugarless-deluded state. Please believe me, she is real.


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