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Hello lovelies!

When Claire and I were still roomies we cooked together nearly everyday (oh those were the days, my friends). During this process we used to swap tips on “healthyfying” everything we ate. We considered those tips so freaking awesome (and bloody easy) that it was our duty to share them with the world.

Thus the birth of: “Healthy-Full” tips Section/Tag.

Tip #1: Grate that Cheesy Cheese

Cheese tastes like 1930s movie stars waltzing on your tongue.  It is that good. Unfortunately for cheese to taste this fantastic it is  injected with fat (boo). So how do you defy the laws of fatness and increase your tastebuds’ happiness exponentially?

You grate it. ( The cheese not your tongue.) A grater is -for all intents and purposes- a gift from the heavens.

Take half the amount of cheese that you usually would use and then grate it. In doing so,  your cheese surface area will increase allowing for optimal taste satisfaction with a much lower fat ratio than before. This doesn’t sound like much of a tip, but trust me: One ounce (28 grams) of cheese can have ten grams of fat.  Yes, you read that right. A third of that cheesy goodness is fat.

Considered your life sufficiently altered for the day.

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