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One of my favourite things about Summer is drinkable: Smoothies.

I love them.

“And true love lasts a lifetime.”  Sipping on a  fresh smoothie brings a joy to my life which should really make me reconsider my priorities. Best of all they are healthy – filled with sweet-mother-of-pearl antioxidants. Considering the fact that the Canadian summer may only last another two days, I thought it only right to bestow my recipe gift upon thee. Yes, calorie approximations are included too. Your hearts’ thankfulness may spill over the comments section.

Death-of-a-Thousand-Berries Smoothie Recipe: Makes 2 glasses (about 220 Calories each glass)

1/2 cup  Blue Menu Frozen Vanilla Yogurt (110 cal)

1 Medium Banana (90 cal)

1 cup Blueberries (83 cal)

1 cup Strawberries (49 cal)

1 cup pitted fresh cherries (91 cal)

6 ice cubes


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